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Providing timely and relevant print and online content is at the core of our business. Our magazines, Incident Prevention and Utility Fleet Professional, are highly respected in the utility industry and have a loyal following of decision-making readers. We understand our digital and social media presence is also an important part of connecting with our audience and have dedicated time and resources to growing in those areas with a variety of e-newsletters.

We Serve Utilities and Related Contractors

Our subscriber base of 18,000+ utility professionals includes individuals from Electric Utilities, Power Generation, Electric & Gas, Municipalities, Government, Communication Providers, Utility Contractors and more.

Incident Prevention (iP)

iP reaches 18,000+ utility safety & operations professionals
Published bi-monthly, Incident Prevention (iP) Magazine contains utility safety and operations articles written by industry experts specifically for utilities, contractors and communication providers. The iP audience has grown to rely on our valuable information. Readers appreciate the concise format as Incident Prevention is an “all content – no fluff” publication. Advertising sponsors achieve high visibility and benefit from supporting the critical information iP provides.

Utility Fleet Professional (UFP)

UFP reaches 7,000+ utility fleet professionals
Utility Fleet Professional (UFP) Magazine is the leading publication dedicated to the unique informational needs of utility fleet, utility contractor fleet, equipment and maintenance managers. Since its launch in the summer of 2011, UFP has been embraced by the industry and is growing by leaps and bounds. Each year, we produce five issues in conjunction with key industry events, such as the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference (EUFMC), the Work Truck Show, the SEMA show and more.


Tailgate Topics E-Newsletter

Tailgate Topics is a monthly e-newsletter produced as a service to the utility industry. Written by utility safety and operations professionals, this content about relevant utility safety topics is intended to be an immediate aid for you and your team in the field. Also, stay up to date on events such as our iP Utility Safety Conference and other educational offerings.

iP’s Utility Safety Products & Services E-Newsletter

The iP Utility Safety Products & Services monthly e-newsletter highlights the newest safety products in the utility industry. We feature flame-resistant clothing, fall protection products, worksite safety products and more. Thousands rely on the information provided by this digital communication.

Utility Fleet Insider E-Newsletter

Utility Fleet Insider is a monthly e-newsletter that offers relevant, cutting-edge content for utility fleet professionals. From fleet profiles and product highlights to management and maintenance insight, Utility Fleet Insider is a go-to resource for useful utility fleet-related information.


Incident Prevention Institute Podcast

The place utility safety and operations professionals go to learn how to empower themselves and others in their organization on how to become even better safety professionals.

Frontline Utility Leadership Podcast

The Frontline podcast series, is the place utility safety and operations go to learn how to empower themselves and their teams to become better safety leaders. Learn insights and strategies that improve safety through leadership, human performance, incident prevention and more. We’re quickly developing more episodes that will be available to you soon, wherever you listen to podcasts!


Incident Prevention Institute Forum

The iPi monthly forum is where you can get answers to questions you have from subject matter experts like David McPeak, Jim Vaughn, Danny Raines and other utility safety and ops professionals like yourself. Forums will include industry specific topics, challenges, trends, and solutions along with best practices in leadership, operations, and safety.

Frontline Fundamentals Webinar

Webinar sessions that coincide with the Frontline Fundamentals Articles in the Incident Prevention magazine written by David McPeak, Director of Professional Development. This webinar will provide you with tools, tips and advice to help your Frontline team to become even better Safety Leaders.

Publishing Team

Rich Kunkel
Business Development
Sean Lyden
Editor, UFP Magazine
Kurt Moreland
Associate Publisher
Kate Wade
Managing Editor